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When it is aperitif time... Now we play!
… is as its name points it out a very nice, quick and convivial game which you can serve during the aperitif.
It is also a registered trademark in 20 countries and translates into 5 languages. A quick game, while amusing to enliven and put chillies in your drinks, bring closer to the guests who do not know each other. It starts up ambience in a immediate manner, but also serves for cheering up the sad or angry guests and twist the neck in moroseness.

has been given a reward during the "L'épine" contest : it received the bronze medal in 2004 and silver medal in 2005.

4 versions of exist :

- l’Apéro… « of luxury »
- The casket Apéro…
- The table set
- The casket Apéro…without alcohol

All our games are of French creation and fabricated exclusively in France.
All these games are available for the professionals and can be personified.

For any requests thank you for referring to the contact page.
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